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Florida Going to Florida in the summer of 2017 really was an eye opener to me. Walt Disney World forever has a special place in my heart. Disney is a truly magical place! Florida is my favorite place I have ever visited. The first two days we spent at Magic Kingdom. Magic is the biggest park out of all four; it is the park with Cinderella’s castle. While we were there the temperatures were extremely hot. One afternoon it reached 104 degrees. The rides are amazing! Twists and turns, ups and downs, drops that go straight down, and hills that go straight up. The big rollercoasters are always so much fun, but even the smaller, slower rides are a blast! The people there are all so happy!They’re so many different races, different religions, different clothes. Some of the clothes were half there while other people were overdressed because it was so hot! It was extremely different from O’Neill. At Magic Kingdom, there is a street that everyone calls main street that is absolutely packed with…
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Momma- Descriptive Essay

Momma “Lauren wake up it’s time for school,” says my mom, every stinking morning! Sometimes my mom gets on my nerves but most of the time she’s pretty cool. She’s the one who is always there for me. She’s a dental hygienist on Tuesday and Thursday’s, and a full time mom and daughter the rest of the week. She is always running us kids around or helping my Nana do things at her home. My mom is pretty great. Mom is a lady with curly hair. Her hair is like a mood ring. Somedays it’s beautiful and some days it just doesn’t want to cooperate. It seems like her hair is every color, light brown and blonde on top and darker brown underneath. She has natural wavy hair, always putting moose in it to get it to stay the way she wants. My mom has a huge smile. It seems like she is always wearing an eagle shirt. She’s all about the comfort, so she’s normally got sweats on unless she has to work. My mom’s personality is crazy; I can’t even explain it. She can go from happy to mad in 10 seconds because o…